Rules for Rental

1.  All trash must be thrown in the dumpster provided (behind the building) immediately following the event).  This includes, but is not limited to, the main area, front room area, kitchen, bathroom, and outside trash.

2.  All items must be removed from the refrigerators and ovens and the doors must be closed.  No food is to be left in the building.

3.  All lights in the main area, front room area, kitchen, and bathroom must be turned off.

4.  All doors must be locked, except bathroom and kitchen, at the conclusion of the event.

5.  All stoves and oven are to be used for heating items only and must be turned off when done.

6.  The keys must be left in the building after the event is over.  LESSEE will be charged a minimum of $25.00 per day, which LESSEE authorizes, to be charged against the above stated credit card until the full set of keys are returned to LESSOR.

7.  No smoking inside of the building. 

8.  All personal items, food, beverages, liquor, props, flowers, dishes, chairs, tables, rentals, etc. that are not the property of The Gathering Place must be removed from inside and outside not more than 6 hours after the event has ended, to allow for the early morning cleaning crews.  If any items are left inside of the building LESSEE agrees that the persons cleaning the building may put the items outside and LESSEE will be charged a minimum of $100.00 per hour for its storage, whether the items are left inside or put on the parking lot.  LESSEE will not hold The Gathering Place, Paradisus Oasis, Carolyn Ward or Gerry Ward liable or responsible if any items left indoors or outdoors are missing after the event.

9.  No rice, birdseed, silly string, confetti or bubbles will be used in the building.

10.  Please keep children under supervision.

11.  Foods cannot be fried or cooked in The Gathering Place.  Gas grills and bar-b-cue pits are allowed outside away from the building.

12.  No fireworks can be used anywhere on The Gathering Place property.

13.  All decorations rented from LESSOR must be left in the building when the event is complete.  No holes are to be put in walls or trim.  No glue, nails, screws, staples, hooks, hangers, suction cups or tape of any type on walls, floors, ceiling, tables, or any rented items used for decorating.

14.  LESSEE agrees not to use iced down kegs in The Gathering Place.  Only refrigerated kegs can be used.  No glass containers allowed.

15.  LESSEE agrees that none of the decorations for The Gathering Place will be removed.

16.  No bonfires of any kind can be made anywhere on The Gathering Place property.  This includes the parking lot and back area.

17.  No food or drink products can be used which tend to cause lingering odor or potential spill damage to the floors or walls.  Specifically boiled crawfish, boiled crab and boiled shrimp are prohibited.

18.  With the exception of guests entering and exiting the building, doors are to be closed at all times so as not to create a noise problem to adjoining residents, and to insure proper air conditioning and/or heating of the facility.

19.  No silk or natural petals are to be used outdoor on the ground.

20.  All coals used from bar-b-cue pits must not be left on The Gathering Place property.  These coals must be taken with you.

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